About PC Service Center

      PC Service Center Business has been serving individual users, and small businesses and medium sized businesses for more than 7 years. When our business opened in 2007, it served the individual consumers it and computing needs. The bulk of the business was focused on desktop repairs and laptop repairs. Over the next few years, our technicians provided expert level repairs for LCD Screens, Motherboards, power supplies, memory, hard drives, and a whole host of items that had a tendency to malfunction on consumer equipment.

      We became a goto resource for 2000 individual computer users. In fact, many of our loyal customers have been coming to us since we opened our doors. We have always provided competent, thoughtful, services to our customers, and we firmly believe that is what keeps our customers coming back.

      In 2012 our small and medium sized business client list grew rapidly. In effect, the rapid growth created an additional line of business with different needs and priorities. With two distinct types of customers, we thought it best to continue to service both individual customers and business clients; the resources to maintain very high service levels in each segment were available to us.

      September 2016, we partnered with Cybercopy Technology to service our individual customers. PC Service Center is still actively involved with servicing individual customers, but our partner is handling the pickup, drop-off, and repair of these systems. You.ll still get high quality repairs, plus the added benefit of longer hours, no more stairs, and easy parking.

      What are we doing now? Our location at 1932 Contra Costa is headquarters for our field techs, as well as administration. From this location, we provide onsite service for your business, as well as remote (phone-in) service for your office. All of our business services originate from this office, and any questions about servers, the cloud, remote service requirements etc should be directed here.

      Our services are designed for workstation maintenance, laptop repair, and business computer systems maintenance. We deliver expert support in a variety of ways that allow our clients to get maximum value from their computer systems, software and data. We offer highly rated backup systems, cloud computing systems, server management, workstation management, network design and maintenance, cloud services and more.

      We are licensed by the California Department Corporations. Our license has been active and enforce for more than 10 years. We have been in good standing with the Department of Corporations since our license was issued, and we continue to be a currently active licensed business. We are also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. We are good standing and we have had no complaints , no investigations no sanctions or any other adverse action taken against us by either agency.



Mission Statement

      Our mission is to help our clients keep their computer systems operating at peak performance, by offering break/fix repairs, service agreements, equipment upgrades and system designs tailored to the operational needs of our clients...


PC Service Center provides professional computer consulting services. For more info, or a quote, please contact us at
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