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How To Choose The Best One For You...

Anti-Virus Software: Antivirus software protects your computer from malicious software and applications. Antivirus software puts up a shield that makes it difficult - and in some cases, impossible for the software to install itself on your computer. These software programs may be lurking on the internet, or a shared thumb drive, a malicious e-mail, or some other place that allows easy access to get on your computer. In this modern day and age of inter-connected computers, hand held mobile devices, portable thumb drives, and file sharing, antivirus software is critical for keeping your computer, identity, password, and other personal information safe while you are using your computer.

2 Categories: There are two big categories of antivirus software. Category number 1 is the free category. This category includes a variety of types antivirus software that are free for some period of time, as well as a few titles that are always free. It is important to note that titles with a 30, 60, or 90 day free trial period will ask that you pay money at the end of the trial period to continue using the software. This is not what I mean by free. On the other hand, there are many titles which have versions of their programs that will allow usage for 12 months, after which they will give you the option to renew the free version for another 12 months - technically these are free forever. If the program does not ofer a "free-forever" arrangement, then I consider it a paid version.subscription.

Paid antivirus software is the other big category. This category includes many software titles that are sponsored by large companies who are extremely active in the anti-virus space. companies like Norton, AVG, panda, & a whole host of others are very active at fighting malicious software, spyware, and adware on the Internet. the paid versions of these programs include things like anti phishing, anti spam, email filtering, multi device management, firewall protection, and a host of other items. the prices for these software products range from $19 for a 12 month subscription to $90 or more for a 12 month. subscription. these products can be purchased for a single device multiple devices and they can be purchased for multiple year time period ranging from 1 to 10 years. because these products are the bread and butter of the software company, they spend time effort and energy keeping the programs and the software up to date, searching for new virus shoes, presenting new methods of entry into computer systems, and they try to provide timely software and timely updates that help users keep their computers and systems protected from viruses.

Rank & Reputation: An important consideration when searching for an antivirus product is the reputation and performance. each year a number of high profile websites ranked antivirus softwares for performance. The ranking on the performance test typically generate a reputation for the software product. PCMag does an annual antivirus performance test. Each year they get a computer or computers infect them with some of the latest viruses out there on the Internet, then throw the antivirus softwares at the infected computers. These tests rank things like install ability, usability, effectiveness against various types of viruses, protection against email based viruses, and one thing that's really important to home users is the ability to install the antivirus software on a computer that is already infected.

When you are choosing an antivirus product for your use it is a good idea to take a look at the rankings from previous years. you will see products like AVG, Kaspersky, & a few others that are ranked in the top 10 on the test year after year. software titles that are ranked year after year after year are going to be your best choice. because of their annual ranking you can rest assured that they have solid performance and they should perform well for you. Some of the titles we have seen have been on the list of top performers for the past 10 or more years. because we are not endorsing any products in this article, or any specific vendor, we will figure out a few names here not in any particular order or rank. Titles like Norton, AVG, Panda, Kaspersky, AVAST!, Immunet, TrendNet, BitDefender or some of the titles and being on the list of top performers over the years.

Conclusion: Choosing an antivirus product for your computer is very important. you want to make sure that you get the product that will protect your computer from harmful software. free antivirus often doesn't include items like fishing protection or firewall or email protection. if you know for sure that you don't need these things then you may be making a good choice by going with a free version. if you want to make sure that you are protected on the many fronts that are vulnerable, then a paid version of your favorite antivirus software will be your best choice. check the rankings on your favorite software so that you can see how it did compared to other softwares and the antivirus Space your favorite software may change once you see how it compares against other title. Here at PC service center we offer a number of different antivirus products ranging from free to paid. If you have questions or would like to know more about keeping your computer functioning at peak performance, then please call us and asked us about our system cleanup.

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