Did You Loose Your Data?

3 Things You Must Know About Data Recovery


Data loss is an inevitable event that can happen to anyone from an individual PC user or a professional programmer or even system administrator. Data loss can occur from a variety events , like a flood or earthquake or fire or some other natural disaster. The most common cause of data loss is accidental deletion of files , power outages, or shutting off computers before saving files, software corruption, virus attackr, human errorr, and sabotage.

3 Things You Must Know

#1 - You can do this yourself. Do-it-Yourself data recovery tools can recover lost deleted or formatted data. They have simple and intuitive user interfaces, which provide easy ways to perform data recovery on deleted files. Though the process seems like it should be simple, it is typically complicated and fraught with risk of additional data loss. It really is best to let a professional data recovery service retrieve you're lost or deleted data. A professional service can retrieve data and files using high quality tools, software and a few other techniques that are typically not common knowledge.

#2 - Data recovery is typically All or Nothing. Most professional data recovery services are able to retrieve data from hard drives, thumb drives, or other media in a way that allows them to pull all data that is available. The data recovery service will not be able to pick and choose which files are retrieved, and which files are left to remain delete it. This means when you get your data back, you will get everything that was on your device whether or not it was deleted, overwritten or otherwise.

#3 - Data recovery is usually expensive! Many consumers experience sticker shock when they receive a quote for data recovery services. It is not unheard of for 250 gigs of data to be recovered , 2 cost anywhere from $600 to $1,200. mini data recovery shops will often do an initial analysis to see if they can even recover the data. This initial analysis could cost you anywhere from $95 to $150. The initial analysis is typically non-refundable , but it will go towards the total cost of the data recovery.

Three important things to know about data recovery are that it can be expensive, it is typically an all-or-nothing type of service, and it is something you can do yourself but if it is your first time you will likely cause more data loss.

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