Business IT Computer Services and Managed Services

You've got a business to run and you have no use for Idle employees, missed deadlines, late payroll, lost data files or botched production. But, these things happen and they always seem to happen at the worst possible time! If something like this were to happen in your office today, could you answer these difficult questions:

  • Whom do you call if an important system goes down?
  • Do you have a plan for recovering accidentially deleted files or folders?
  • Where do you turn if e-mail stops coming in?
  • What is the plan to maintain the computer system so there is no downtime?

Business IT Services and Managed Services plans have the answers to these questions. And, because a modern IT Managed services plan is designed around these questions, businesses that utilize Managed services already know the answers.

Our managed services plans turn your computer system into a resource that supports your business process and provides a pathway for maintaining computer equipment, and a place to turn when emergencies happen. Our Business IT service plans give you a tangible long-term as well as well as short-term process to keep your computer and network system in-line with your overall business opearations.

If you still use an IT vendor who isn't familiar with your business or priorities, or you use the most "technically savvy" staff person, or a relative or friend, once you have a managed services plan that aligns your computer system priorities with your business priorities, and provides regular and consistent maintenenance for your system, you'll wonder why you didn't get a plan sooner.

Workstation Repairs
Network Maintenance And Configuration
Backup Configuration
Printers Scanner Copier Troublshooting
Microsoft Office Repairs And Configurations
Server Repairs And Configuration
Scheduled Network Maintenance
Backup System(s) Monitoring
Anti-Virus Monitoring
Technology Vendor Management
Remote Trouble Shooting And Repairs
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Now, we computer techs are really the only people who care how fast a computer starts up or how many documents can be loaded on the screen at one time or how fast the virus scanner runs or whether the backup is differential or incremental, and we spend a fair amount of time tinkering with these things.

But the truth is: none of these features will get payroll done or put the finishing touches on a proposal, or help you open a new facility, or get timely information to your customers or increase revenue. But, a managed services plan will make these "Geeky" features - nearly useless without a purpose - work for your businessi. Imagine a computer system that helps you create and deliver impressive proposals, or rapidly recover from a disaster, or keep a tight grip on data security, or support your mobile work forcer. A well aligned computer system can easily do these things and much more to support your business goals.

At PC Service Center - Business, we think a computer system that supports your business priorities and is working in a way that allows you to focus on your daily operations, rather than maintenance and repairs is a well functioning computer system. And, our service agreements are delivered to meet these primary goals.

If your computer system is giving your problems, or isn't aligned with your daily operations, and you want to learn how to turn your computer system into a tool that helps you meet achieve your objectives, contact us through e-mail or for immediate responses call us.

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