Laptop Desktop Workstation & Server Repairs

Everyone suffers from computer problems. Even the most skilled, tech savvy, fix-any-problem-they-throw-at-me geek has computer problems. The difference between geeks and us regular users is simple - Geeks find fixing the most frustrating and annoying computer issues very satisfying!

But, if your satisfaction comes from getting work done, or staying connected to your social network - a fast dependable computer is plenty satisfying.

PC Service Center - Business has uber geeks on staff, and we've solved hundreds of frustrating issues for our clients. And, before working with us, many of our client'ts didn't know: nearly anything that fails on a computer can be repaired.

So, you don't have to live with missing keyes, cracked screen, overheating, limited battery life, etc. Other problems that cause your computer to start slowly, or freeze, or suffer from virus or spyware infections can be fixed so that your computer's performance is restored to normal.

System Upgrades
Operating System Configuration
Upgrade To Windows 7,8 or 10
Upgrade Server OS
Custom System Builds
Configure New System
E-mail Troubles
Memory Upgrades
Power/Charging Problems
Storage Upgrades
Overheating Problems
Screen Repairs/Replacements
*We perform these repairs on all models of PC Laptop and Server systems.

**Some of these repairs may be performed at our Cybercopy center.


You'll be relieved to once again quickly read or send an e-mail, to have your computer start up and shut down normally, and to elimnate the frustation created by a troublesome computer!

Our repair services are structured to fix 99.9% of the problems a heavily used comuputer, laptop or server may have. Software problems that cause your computer to hang or freeze. Hardware problems that prevent your computer from running like normal. And, virus and spyware issues that can compromise your system's security, can all be repaired.

Our turnaround times are consistently fast - in the best case you’ll get your computer back the next day!

So, if you need to get a problem solved call us ... if you're worried your data or other important information may be damaged we'll do our best to diagnose the issue by phone. But, we really need to have a look at your computer to know for sure.

Call (925) 609-8287 or Click here to send us a message.