A Simple Yet Highly-Effective Way To Boost The Revenue Of Your
    Computer Services Business,
Increase The Number Of Repairs, Get Your Existing Customers To Buy More, Spend More And Refer New Customers

And, it doesn't require you to go to networking meetings or create an elaborate sales system to make it work!


Computer Services Business Marketing Book

Dear Friend;

  Not long ago, I ran into a serious crunch in my computer services business. One where I came very close to closing my doors for good. My revenues where way off, my repair volume was way off, and I had that awful feeling we computer services business owners get when things aren't going well, and there isn't an easy way to fix a BIG problem.

  This marketing system was born from that need which turned into a mission to find a way to get my computer services business back on track. After I implemented this marketing system in my business, I came to realize my business never really was "on-track". You see, I bought the business from some one else. And I thought the best way to be successful was to do exactly what the old owner did. And that is exactly how I got myself into trouble.

  I tell the full story in the book, but here is a snipet: "I decided to run my new computer services business exactly the way the prior owner did. I paid employees the same way; I placed the same ads (btw, there were none); I waited for business to come in; I posted the same flyers; etc. After about 6 months of this, I was dipping into my savings just to get by. And after about 9-months, I had a bad feeling about my future ..."

  Anyway, there was no Coronavirus then ... it was 2010 and the financial crisis was near its depth. And this is why I am Super Confident this computer services business marketing method will work during the coronavirus pandemic. Because it worked then!

  Just like in 2010, millions of people were unemployed ... just like in 2010, our customers rely on their laptop and desktop computers when working from home ... and just like in 2010, a viable business needs an effective way to keep customers coming in the door.

  That's what my method does. It gets your existing customers to think of you first when their computer doesn't work. It gets your customers coming in and calling when they need something fixed (which is more often than you think). And, it gives you a predictable stream of work every month.

  Here is why this method works:

  • Simple - It isn't a complicated marketing method that requires a huge investment to get going. In fact, I can show you how to get up and running with it in just a few hours.
  • Targeted - A famous marketer once said the best way to make money selling hamburgers is to find a hungry crowd. As computer shop owners, we don't think like this. We think about the service we offer and then we hope some people show up to buy it. Well, this computer services business marketing method will put you in front of a computer owner who needs your help.
  • Inexpensive - The on going costs of running this method in your business monthly are small compared to the effect on your bottom line. Put simply, "It will pay for itself".

  These three simple reasons make this method work.

Old-Fashioned Catalog Companies Know A-Thing-Or-Two About Marketing

  I remember as a kid, there was always some sort of catalog coming to our house. It seemed like everyone who had something to sell, sent us a letter, catalog or package in the mail. You may remember your parents or grandparents thumbing through them while watching TV. I remember it clearly.

  My mom loved buying from catalogs. There was always something different and unusual that you would never be able to buy at a department store. To this day, I think that is still the big appeal of mailed catalogs.

  Well, these companies new a thing or two about getting and keeping a customer. And that is the foundation for my method. I stumbled on a tactic they used to get current customerss to buy more products. As I adapted it to my computer business, I found that it works for services - computer repairs - too.

An Offer For You To Consider

  I've gone on abit here about this method and where it originated, but that may not be enough proof for you. So, I'd like to show you this system works by giving you a piece of it to try for free.

  A foundational piece of the computer services business marketing system is to communicate with your customers regularly - on a schedule. In fact, so predictably that they look for your communication to arrive. The idea here is that none of your competitors are doing this - I know for sure that none of mine are. In fact, most of your client's other vendors aren't doing this either. So, as you communicate with your clients regularly, they will think of you when a need arises. In fact, they will more likely to recommend you to a friend or associate because your last communication may be fresh on their mind.

   The channel you use isn't nearly as important as the activity. It works with regular mail, e-mail, personal note, text message etc. And, there is a way to do this without becoming a pest. I've created an infographic and checklist that will show you how to put this principle into action in your business for FREE.

    It is a foundation principle of my method, and I'd like you to see for yourself my system is built on a solid principles used by marketers who know how to keep customers comint back.

  There is nothing to sign up for, there is nothing to order. Just fill in the contact form with your info and I'll send you the first principle of my system FREE. Put it to use in your business. Inspect it. Research it. Test it and see for yourself that this key principle gets customers coming to you with money in their hand buying repairs.

  Fill in the form below to get your info and see for yourself that the principles get results.

Computer Services Marketing Book

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