5 Critical Steps To A Hassle-Free Computer System

This simple guide contains 5 steps
that anyone who thinks they have "Zero" technical skill can do...
And, it doesn't require you to spend hours learning the dull boring theory of computing or wasting valuable time clicking away at some stubborn workstation to get results!


Computer Services Business Marketing Book


  If you're an office manager, business owner, professional and you're the person who gets the call when there's computer trouble, don't pass up this EBook. It's written for you!

  You have an operation to run, projects to get out the door and no time to sit around turning pages in some EBook looking for a complicated answer to a nagging computer problem.

 That's why this system is for you. The EBook is short - only 13 pages. But, it is packed with tips, hints, tricks and information. There's no theory of computing, no long-windded explanations of networking and technology.

  Just simple, straight forward problem solving tasks that put your computer system on the path to being hassle-free.

  This EBook is packed with usable how-to info begining on page one, and when you're finshied reading through it, you'll know how to:

  •  Put a wall around your computers to keep viruses and other "junk" from the internet out.

  •  Use a simple maintenance procedure to keep annoying little problems away for good

  •  Spot problem hardware in seconds with a simple, common sense test

  •  Keep expert support ready to go to work for you when you need professional backup

   Now, this EBook isn't going to make you a techie. That would take years, and much more content. But, it will show you which areas of your computer system to focus on to get results. It will also show you how to use dozens of short-cuts that experienced Field-Computer technicians have learned "On The Job".

  Here is why this Ebook gets results

  Each of the 5 Steps is broken in to 3 parts. In easy to follow language, you'll learn why the task is important; hints to help you get the most out of the task; and what to do if you need help getting the task done.

  You don't need any background in repairing computers or managing networks. These tasks are simple, straight forward, and they get results.

  And, if you just don't have time or the interest to do any of the tasks, but you NEED a Hassle-Free computer system NOW, we'll show you how to use Step-5 in the system to your advantage.

  If you send in your order today, you'll also receive a "Valuable Free Bonus" that's only available in this EBook. It's a no cost consultation that will answer any of your questions about computers, technology and your network.

  If you've ever wanted to know:

  •   Why my email bounces back when I send messages to some people, but it goes through fine to others?

  •   How can I keep my staff off of time-sucking websites?

  •   Which anti-virus program is best for my business?

  •   What is the best way to share programs and documents with my remote staff?

  •   Which video conference provider offers secure sessions?

  •   How can I share a contact list with everyone in the office?

  •   Why doesn't the email on my phone match the email in my office?

  •   Is there an easy way to keep track of the seemingly thousand passwords I need to use daily?

  •   I haven't had a need to recover any data, but is our data getting backed up?

  •   How can we use the cloud for our staff who work from home?

  •   Should I be concerned about security? No one wants our data anyway.

  •   and any other question about your system you ever wanted an answer to.

  With the Q&A session you get a security and performance assessment of your network and computers. By the time you've reviewed the network assessment and had your Q&A session, you'll know more about your computers and network than ever. Normally a $600.00 value, the coupon inside gives you a special price that is only available with the coupon in this EBook.

  There is no obligation to take the consultation and, the EBook is free. In other words, you can have a hassle-free computer system at no-cost and no-obilgation soon after you receive your EBook.

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