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Five Managed Services IT Cloud Functions
With Short Implementation Timelines That increase Security, Mobility and Collaboration


   Ten years ago, you’d have been searching high and low to find government agencies, professional private practices, or small businesses who fully embraced the cloud. Now, we live in a completely different world.

  Businesses, governments, private practices and especially vendors who build software applications for them are cloud based. Simply, that means things have changed and technology has “turned” the page in the book of cloud technology.

  If your business, practice or agency hasn't embraced Cloud technology yet and you'd like a quick introduction to implementing the technology, contact us here. If you are already familiar, but have fully implemented cloud applications, here are some of the areas that are quick to implement in your business:

If you've used Microsoft's One Drive, or Google's G-Suite, and you've used a computer to create a document, then later modified that document with a mobile device, you have used the cloud. It is as simple as that. But, implementing the cloud in your business or practice takes isn't as simple because it takes a deliberate effort. But, the benefits file sharing on the cloud are many. Here are some scenarios where the cloud makes file and data managment possible: your mobile workforce is spread across multiple territories and it needs to share documents and files; you've been hit with ransomware in the past and you'd rather have backups and secure files invisible except to those who need to use them; stolen or lost equipment is a bit of a problem, but when there are client files and important information stored in them, things can get serious. But, using the cloud for storage instead of a mobile laptop eliminates this risk when or if a mobile device goes missing.  
  If you need to know where your vehicles, truck, trailers, computers, phones and tablets are at all times, the cloud has an application for that. Asset management software companies have apps that enable tracking for your important assets. Some of the benefits of asset tracking for service vehicles are quick recovery, accountability for workers using the equipment and more. Since vendors build the software and the data to reside in the cloud tracking is accurate and reliable. It also doesn’t depend on a server or computer in your office to store and track the data.
Your company data is more important that the computers and tablets it sits on. Hardware items can be replaced and then the data put back on them. But, if the data is gone you could be out of business. That is one of the huge benefits of cloud based data backups. When you backup your important data to the cloud your files are safe from fire, flood, natural disasters, vandalism and more. And, all the features you’d expect from a backup running on a computer in your office are available in a cloud backup tool.
In the last few years, cloud providers like Amazon have begun offering virtual computers and servers. They are just like a real computer that would sit in your office, but instead they are in the cloud. Small businesses and professional practices use these virtual computers to give their remote workers a “Computer” to work from. If you have a data entry person in another part of the country - or world, you can set up a virtual computer, give them the password to it, and they can use the computer to update files and data without being able to view important data or files that may be on an office computer.
This change has really happened under the radar. In the past, antivirus programs used to download important information about viruses and malware from the vendor’s server. Now, with the expansion of the cloud into this arena, important information is accessible to the antivirus program without the need for it to be stored locally on the computer. The benefit is big. It means when a new virus comes out, cloud based computers don’t have to wait for the information to be downloaded from the cloud server. The info is available immediately.

There are many other areas where the cloud help your run your organization better. In fact, too many to list here. But, if you’ve had the idea that a cloud program just might solve a business problem, you may be right. And, we can guide you to finding the information you need to make the kind of decisions you’ll need to make in order to implement the process you’re thinking of.

Our initial consultations are complementary and are a good way to get the information you'll need to make an informed decision.

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