Data Recovery Service For Business And Personal Storage Media

  It's simple. Your Data Storage Device Has Stopped Working ...

Your Important Files Are No Longer Visible ...

  You Need That Info!

  It may have happened because of a power failure, a natural disaster, a hacker attack, or maybe just an old outdated device went bad. Whatever the reason is, your data is nolonger visible, it isn't as important as getting the data back.

  Our data recovery service can retrieve any amount of data from nearly any device. We've recovered data from damaged external hard drives, SD Cards, SSD drives, RAID setups and completely dead network drives. If you need to recover data from one of these devices, rest assured we've had good success with a device like yours.

  Not long ago, a very good managed services clients brought in a server. To say he was stressed would be an understatement. He was the owner of busy Civil Engineering Office. His backup software contained a programming error. One evening, the error triggered and the backup software crashed. It wrote backup files across the data drive, completely ignoring any partitions, file markers, or logical places to stop. When he brought his server to our office nothing would open. He was technically out of business... We retrieved 100% of his data and rebuilt his server.


  Early on in our data recovery practice, a client brought in a frozen 500gb external drive. To say he was stressed would be an understatement. He was working on a book. His life-work publication. On his drive was 10-years of research about the Civil War. As he described it before we recovered his data, he had copies of original documents, photographs from libraries and repositories from 3 states, images of original drawings, and copies of original letters... We retrieved 100% of his data

Data Recovery - Important Fact...

  An important fact about the nature of data recovery is: It either works or it doesn't. There is rarely a partial recovery or getting back a single file out of millions. And, that's the big benefit businesses and small offices with lots of data files get when they use our service. When the recovery process finishes, they have everything they lost returned to them, ready to be used again. If a file was there when the disaster happened, it will be there when the data has been restored.

Business Data Recovery or Personal - The Process...

  This is the reason why our data recovery begins with an evaulation. The data recovery technician examines the condition of the storage device to determine whether the recovery process is going to be successful. Using advanced drive analysis tools and sometimes good old fashioned intituition, you'll learn whether data can be recovered, how long the process will take, and the expense. All before you agree to the service. And, if you are at all curious, we can sometimes give you the exact cause ot the device failure.

  The process is methodical and it has been very successful for our clients. It can take up to 2-weeks to get data back from a device that has malfuctioned. That could be a longtime depending on the nature of the info you're trying to recover, but this is part of what puts our success rate near 99%.

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