Managed IT Services - Business Class Anti-Virus Cloud Portal


  Introduction: Business class anti-virus products have a cloud management dashboard. This is a key that makes business class anti-virus products quite a bit different from an off-the-shelf or downloaded antivirus product you may buy for a home computer. If you're running a business or your're responsible for devices for multiple users this app is a must have.

  How it works - The way a cloud management portal works in a business class antivirus product is clever. An administrator registers all of the devices that need protection in the management portal. The portal then continuously scans the registerd devices for malware, spyware, adware, and activities of hackers.

  When the client, which is installed on the device finds something bad has happened it sends an alert to the cloud management portal. From there, a manager or your IT Managed Services vendor can scan the device and fix the problem or contact the user if necessary. What makes this such a handy product is that the time between the event and notification of a problem is shortened dramatically. It also makes clearing moderate and easy problems straightforward.

  Rules for Safety - The cloud management portal allows an administrator to set rules for the types of things that are allowed to happen on the device. For example, some users like to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to their computer from another.

  The cloud management tool allows and administrator to block this activity from happening - or allow it - on every device. The primary point of control is the firewall. This tool doesn't have the same level of control that an MDM app does. But, there many other functions that can be enabled that help keep devices save such as: allowing users to start scans themselves; allowing the user to update their antivirus definitions when they need to; or even setting a scheduled scan for a certain time of day or time in the week.

  Conclusion - Cloud management tools keep track of multiple devices of different types that maybe in different locations at any given time. They make this task easy because administrator only has to look into a single portal to see and manage all of the devices that belong to an organization. From there, protecting, cleaning, and keeping in compliance with company policies is very easy.