Managed IT Services - Keep An IT Support Relationship Just In Case You Need It


  Introduction: In a not so frequent, but potentially disastrous mistake, Microsoft pushed out an update to its office suite of products that caused it to crash on nearly every installation around the globe. Simply, Microsoft Outlook would not load up. More important than the problem is: Who do "you" call when something goes wrong on the computer system.

  Someone to call in a disaster- Even if you're the sort of computer user who has time to struggle for 3 to 4 hours solving computer problems, the contact info of a reliable business or computer service is invaluable when disaster strikes - even your computer or network isn't the cause. It is worth the time and effort to develop this relationship while there are no problems.

  Relationship With A Computer Tech- If you have a relationship with a computer technician, or computer service business, it's almost a no brainer. You'd call your computer service person for help. That means you'd be able to spend your time running your business. Perhaps a disaster as I described above may mean your phone suddenly rings off the hook with calls from clients because they haven't received and important document from you. Or, worse you are affected and the better use of your time is to contact your customers and clients, let them know you are having issues - rather than spend 3 to 4 hours looking for someone who can drop what they are doing and come to your rescue. If you have a relationship with a computer service, you'll have someone to call when disaster strikes.

  Subscription/Contracted Service- Contracted or subscribed service can be very pro-active. It depends on the type of service you select. But, with a subscribed service, there is a good chance your service provider will alert you to a problem like the one Idescribed above. And, your service provider is going to mobilize the necessary resources to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

  Conclusion - There is a proverb that says "Dig your well before you're thirsty." Computer issues or even a computer disaster strike when it is least convenient. That's a fact. And, it is best to have someone to call when or if a disaster happens. At minimum, a relationship with a technician who is working on systems like yours daily is required. Even better, is a subscription service with a managed services provider, who will drop and come to the rescue if there's a disaster.