Managed IT Services - 3 Reaons You Should Be Looking For Help Now


  Introduction:Perhaps you're the kind of manager who likes to get in there an tackle problems head on. You've never met a computer problem that you couldn't solve - eventually. And, you don't mind spending an hour or two on a computer issue if it will save the company a few dollars. It may not appear that this posting is for you, but you'll find something here too. This article is really for the manager who has decided computer problems are too annoying to deal with. It is also for the manager who can't think of a good reason to spend two hours working on something that may need 4 hours to get fixed.

  No Time or Not My Job - You don't have anyone to solve problems that you don't want to solve or can't solve. This isn't a slight against anyone's ability or aptitude. We all have different strengths. No one is good at everything. And, that applies to computer "stuff". When you have an ongoing relationship with a technician or computer service provider, you can focus on the things you want to do. I once had a client tell me "I've got 4 employees sitting around costing me more in down time than I am going to pay you to fix it." If a computer or network outage would put you in this situation, it is a good idea to look for help now.

  Nice to Have You don't mind doing things yourself. You've got a pretty good IT skill set. But, the office gets busy an fixing computers is something you do because it has to be done. It isn't urgent, but you may want to look for help now. There are many companies and independent technicians who'd love to be your backup. They will help with the tough problems that seem to take hours to fix or, they can be your quick reference when your planning changes and upgrades. It is a win for you, because you have another job to do beside fixing computers. This is the one case where I'd recommend a pay-as-you-go or a time and materials arrangement.

  Problems on The Horizon - You've got something big coming up - a new software install, upgrades to workstaton, changing out internet service etc. Its a big project and you're putting it off because you don't have time or "it isn't your job" to fix computer and network stuff. Now is a good time to look for the help you need. As the need for the changes increases or the deadlines get closer, you may find yourself hiring the first person who says "I can do that". This isn't going to be the best person to help you. Your best technician will be someone who is familiar with your computer system and your business.

  Conclusion - If you're in one of these 3 categories, you should start looking for a good computer technician now. It will give you time to screen for someone whom you can work with easily. You'll also be able to screen for expertise, background and credentials.