Small Business IT Support Services

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   Just like a big office, with hundreds of employees and their own dedicated IT support person, your office can't afford to lose productive time due to computer issues. Money is money and downtime costs money!

   In a large office there are IT problems that need solving constantly. Setting up new employees, deleting former employees, fixing printers, replacing computers, setting network protocols and permissions and on and on … But, In a smaller office these things don’t happen nearly as often.

Smaller Business Operations Have Different IT Support Needs

   Small Business IT Support services that are properly implemented take account of the fact that your office needs support when there is an issue. But, you don’t need the added overhead of paying a technician to sit around waiting for something to break. One of PC Service Center - Business Quarterly support plans may be just what your office needs to eliminate computer and networking issues that cause unplanned outages and and costs.

On Demand Small Business IT Support Services

   Your office may not need IT support daily. In fact, your office may go many months without the need for IT support for your business. And, because of this, you may be thinking you can wait until a problem arises before creating a relationship with a computer support technician.

  That is a strategy many of our clients used before coming on board with us. Some of them had good working relationships with IT small business consultants and as long as the consultants had availability, they were able to get their needs met.

   It only takes a time or two. An emergency happens and your consultant is nowhere to be found. Or even worse - the consultant is too busy to take care of your needs. For many of our current clients, this was the straw that brought them to us.

   Our subscription small business support plan is built for infrequent needs. Yet it is flexible so that when your copier company needs information, or your need to install new operations software we are there. Our plans give you priority service over clients that don’t have a subscription, and we are staffed so that you’ll always have a tech in the event of an emergency.

Security Services For Small Business IT Support Needs

  In this day of hackers running wild on the internet and security breaches popping up daily, your office needs the kind of protection that larger organizations enjoy.

   Here is an insider hint: The most effective security measure to prevent hacking is setting up a secure network that closes easy to enter backdoors and that has documented process for reacting to successful hack"

   It may make sense. But the best way to stay safe from the exploits of hackers is to keep solid security measures and habits in place. Our new product Secure7+ is a comprehensive security product tailored for business that want to work rather than spend time tuning security applications

   The product is designed to be monitored by your small business IT support. Or, if your office is large enough and you have the resources available, to be monitored by someone on your staff.

  Our clients enjoy the benefits of being protected by a cloud based antivirus program that we monitor. This business class software gives our small business IT support package the ability to provide next level security from viruses, spyware, hackers and cyber-criminals.

Small Business IT Support - Consulting

  Everyone needs a different, even fresh perspective from time-to-time. Perhaps you’re using an old version of important software or you want to upgrade to a new version from a different vendor. Maybe you want to upgrade copiers or internet service or set up a staff person to work away from the office.

  That’s where a consultant who knows the challenges small offices face when trying to stay productive is priceless.

  We have many clients and in many cases we’ve solved a problem for someone else that you may be facing. Simply, you maybe trying to solve a problem we’ve seen before and that means we will offer you solutions that we know work.

  Our clients who use us as consultants as well as for their small business IT support services get double benefit. 1) we know their systems and their business priorities and 2) their agreements with us include special vendor management benefits. In simple terms, our clients are confident that we will steer their vendors in the right direction when implementing or installing new equipment.

If you aren't using a small business IT support service for your office or professional practice

  Here are a few things to think about when you're searching for a company to support your office:

  • How often are there computer problems that I can't solve or don't want to solve?
  • If there were a big disaster right now (i.e. ransomware, or system shutdown) who would I call for Service?
  • Does the person or company who usually takes care of our computer problems do anything to keep them away?
  • How long does it take to get a computer problem fixed now?

  If you don’t have ready answers to these questions, your next best step is to contact us and get full disclosure of our small business IT Support Services for small offices and professional practices. It will answer all of these questions and many more.

   Contact us by phone (925) 609-8287 or send us a message.